The Best Portable Grill for RVing in 2021

The Best Portable Grill for RVing in 2021

If you got your RV running out front and need a quick recommendation, we recommend the Weber Q1000 as our best portable grill for rving. 

If you do have some time on your hands, then take a look at this in-depth guide for the five best grills. 

We will review the following: 

Got Ribs? Before Buying A Portable Grill For RVing

An RV grill is not drastically any different from a regular backyard grill. The main differences, however, are that they are for on-the-go situations and typically lightweight.

Before buying a portable grill for RVing, it is important to be aware of several things. 

Grill Yourself With Questions 

Before making a nifty investment for a new appliance, I always ask myself several questions regarding whether I need the item. Here are some to consider for a new grill:

  1. In a year’s time, how often do you think you’ll barbecue? 
  2. Roughly, how many people will you usually need to cook for each of those times?
  3. Where do you intend to store the grill (e.g., RV storage compartment, regular car trunk)?
  4. How fancy do you want the travel grill to be? Or, just how realistic is your budget?

Smokin’ Benefits: Why A Portable Grill?

Whether it be for a large motorhome or a small camper and car, portable grills can make your outdoor living experience more worthwhile. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Saves you money from eating in restaurants
  • Expands your space to move around while cooking and eating
  • Keeps any fumes, smokes, or odors outside
  • Great excuse to entertain guests by being outside and getting creative with more camping recipes 

For our visual learners, check out this quick video on the basics of what you need to know before buying a grill.

It’s Getting Heated: Main Grill Types

The right portable grill for you will depend on how you like to camp, your tastes, and the type of grill you choose. Here are some common grill types to consider: 

  • Propane: A portable propane grill is the most popular for RVing. Compared to charcoal grills, a propane grill uses fuel from disposable gas canisters and conveniently heats up quicker while leaving no piles of hot coals behind after clearing the camp. Plus, if you are more eco-conscious, you can hook up an adapter hose to your grill and a refillable tank.
  • Electric: For those who prefer smoother sailing, an electric grill might be the ideal dining choice. It does not need fuel and does not produce strong fumes. Electric grills require a connection to any power outlet to operate, made in various styles and sizes, and provide easy assembly and storage. At a campground that bills for electricity and provides outlets, an electric grill will save you money. 
  • Charcoal: The charcoal grill is like a kettle-type and usually includes a cover, which lessens cooking time and promotes the classic smoky flavor or barbecue aroma in the air. It can also be a combination of an oven, smoker, and grill, making it an even more desirable choice among campers.

Slap Some More On: Construction And Materials

Often with construction, you get what you paid for. Always check the painting quality, the metal’s gauge and heft, and the welds or bolts. 

Also, portable grills are for easy, safe, and reliable transportation. It usually contains lightweight materials, which might also mean their construction can sometimes be flimsy. So, analyze the stability of your grill first, such as its stand.

Stainless steel, iron, and ceramic are some of the most robust materials. For instance, a stainless steel grill with an enamel finish tends to minimize cleaning or maintenance. However, although enameled steel is rust-resistant, it can easily chip. 

Additionally, stainless steel burners on propane grills are highly suggested for quality burners because aluminum quickly burns out, and cast iron eventually rusts quicker.

Caution: The Standard Grill Features Are Hot

Depending on your grill type, it should have at least one of these common features found in standard grills. They include: 

  • Grill Burner: The grill burner is a critical component that warms your food. Burners usually come in stainless steel, and camping grills generally have one burner that produces between 5,000 BTUs (British thermal units) and 11,000 BTUs on average.
  • Cooking Grates: The grill’s grate is the surface where you cook your food. It can either be cast iron or stainless steel, and the average grate’s size is about 150 to 350 square inches. Ideally, one with a non-stick surface makes for easier cooking.
  • Temperature Adjustment: Usually, both propane and charcoal grills have a built-in temperature gauge, typically on the lid. The feature is useful in letting you track your fuel level in case you run out.

Best Portable Grills For RVing

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Our first grill is Weber, a well-known barbeque grilling brand, but that’s not to say it’s everyone’s favorite. 

Compared to the original Q100, I find this Q1000 bigger and much more modern and sleek in design. Weber also seems to have investigated the ignition button’s design because, with the Q1000, the feature is more flexible and lights the burner less slowly. 

However, a reoccurring complaint found among customer reviews is that it contains only one burner. Some may see that as a problem, but I would imagine that its 8,500 BTUs and wide grilling surface can both offset that lack in design. 

Lastly, the cooking surface is 189 square inches, another significant improvement on Weber’s part. For up to six family members, the Weber Q1000 can substitute your kitchen stoves at home if and when there’s a power outage, let’s say, while it’s also perfect for the road.   

Key Features

Dimensions (L, W, H): 20.5 x 27 x 23.5 inches

Brand: Weber

Weight: 26.7 lbs

Cooking surface: 189 sq. inches


  • Durable aluminum coating for long-lasting protection 
  • Produces above-average BTUs to cook food quickly and thoroughly 
  • Large, ergonomic handles for convenient grip


  • It contains one burner that takes longer to kick in

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Portable Grill

Following its predecessors, the RoadTrip 285 by Coleman now includes three supercharged burners, which all can power heat up to 20,000 BTUs. So, not only can you simultaneously grill various recipes on its 285-square-inch cooking top, but also roast them all quickly and thoroughly.

Also, its cooktops are interchangeable, allowing you to use different cooking methods or styles, such as switching over to a griddle or stove grate. But, of course, each is sold separately.  

Not to mention, did you see the legs on this baby? The Coleman 285 rocks a foldable leg-base with wheels. You’ll easily transport it around, almost like a suitcase with wheels! Plus, built-in side tables slide out for extra space (although I’ll likely be placing only my pack of Budweisers there).

Now, considering everything from the grill having wing-like side tables and legs, it’s no wonder that most users frown at its price and weight. For those with small trunks or those who travel a few times a year, this unit isn’t ideal – regardless of how irresistible its features seem. 

Key Features 

Dimensions (L, W, H): 30.25 x 19.19 x 16.13 inches

Brand: Coleman

Weight: 46.7 lbs.

Cooking surface: 285 sq. inches


  • Integrated side tables for extra space
  • Collapsible stands with wheels to transport anywhere
  • 3 burners with up to 20,000 BTUs for fast and thorough cooking 


  • Too heavy for small vehicles and for some users to carry around
  • Relatively pricey, making it more ideal for campers with premium tastes

Flame King RV/Trailer Mounted BBQ Grill  

We included this next one primarily for the budget-shoppers. The mountable Flame King RV grill is favorable among many RV campers looking for something simple and functional.

If you recently grilled away most of your savings like on your RV, then taking on this grill won’t burn away much more of your cash. For the price point, however, you’ll notice the weak chrome-plated grates and thin metal.

Also, not many portable grills are generous about including complete bracket systems, unlike this one. Its mounting bracket securely attaches to the RV’s body while also converting to a freestanding design. Albeit, its legs can be quite wobbly.

Not too shabby either when there’s a stainless steel burner that can fire up to 12,000 BTUs. Plus, a dual locking lid for positively securing your things. 

Key Features 

Dimensions (L, W, H): 22 x 11 x 17 inches

Brand: Flame King

Weight: 22.70 lbs

Cooking surface: 214 sq. inches


  • Affordable
  • Offers complete mounting system unlike most grills
  • Dual security with premium lock for secure storage


  • Preheating time takes relatively longer

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Grill

Before I go any further, the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 is not a safebox. I had thought it, too.

Char-Broil is one of the oldest and trusted grill brands, serving up its platters since 1948. Somehow, they’ve seemed to innovate right with this heavy-duty-looking X200 grill. 

It’s burning up with mostly positive reviews because, for one, there’s TRU-Infrared technology, which basically helps to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface while leaving no traces of hot or cold spots. Results? Well-cooked and juicy food.

Needless to say, though, I wouldn’t blame you if you hesitate with this purchase after seeing many complaints about the temperature control. The company has even admitted to it being an issue where the temp hardly goes below 450 degrees, limiting you to cooking mostly hamburgers with this grill. 

In the end, for quite a premium price, you do get a rugged die-cast firebox and aluminum cover, which can likely survive a few accidental tumbles. Plus, a 9,500 BTU burner is more than enough for any camper. 

Key Features

Dimensions (L, W, H): 23.7 x 15 x 13.6 inches

Brand: Char-Broil

Weight: 20 lbs.

Cooking surface: 200 sq. inches 


  • TRU-Infrared technology to prevent bursting flames, hot/cold spots, and uneven cooking 
  • Cast aluminum firebox with stainless steel locks for optimal durability
  • The cooking top is 200 sq. inches for up to 8 burgers all at once


  • Temperature adjustment may be problematic for some users 
  • May require more time to upkeep than other mini grills 

Cuisinart CGG-750 Portable, Venture Gas Grill, Red

If you like to travel with a bit of style, I’d recommend the lightweight Cuisinart CGG-750. It looks like a mix between a picnic basket and a portable music speaker, but don’t let that fool you. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the modern design makes you feel like you’re unstacking different levels when you unravel it. The wooden lid serves as the prep board for food, and then the grilling grate is below, followed by the base where the propane tank is stored.

Although, looks can only go so far, my friends. This Cuisinart model is not the best for the ‘real wilderness’ as its functionality is weak. In other words, despite its 9,000 BTU burner and decent 154-square inch grate size, it seems best for light roasting and limits you to only a few recipes. 

So, I’d say pack a small amount of raw meat that cooks quickly while throwing in some veggies on a stick for a light toast. Then, you’ve got a perfect picnic day (with hopefully four people or less since this grill can only feed that many). 

Key Features

Dimensions (L, W, H): 16.25 x 13 x 10.75 inches

Brand: Cuisinart 

Weight: 20.6 lbs.

Cooking surface: 154 sq. inches


  • Thoughtful integration of a serving and cutting board for convenient cooking
  • Easy twist-ignition and sufficient BTU power to last a 1-3 days trip
  • Smooth wooden top with red coating and a sleek handle, making it a stylish gift


  • Relatively weak in functionality and construction, making the grilling experience less authentic


After scouring the internet for the best portable grills for RVing in 2021, we believe we’ve compiled a versatile list that suits the needs of families, couples, and singles alike.

When it comes down to it, our top pick is the Weber Q1000. It’s one powerful burner and grilling surface area are both enough to feed a typical traveling group of 2-4 people. Plus, for a moderately priced grill, it is constructed with high-quality materials to function for a fair number of years.   

Now that we’ve left you with an idea of the best portable grills out there, you can select one or more to research more in-depth. But it wouldn’t be a shock if our words are enough to already send you well on your way to your Amazon cart.

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